Sachdev Orthopaedics provides cutting edge nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for arthritis, tendonitis and many other orthopaedic conditions. Our Orthobiologics treatments use the healing power of your own body’s cells and do not involve any embryonic or fetal cells. Our therapies utilize adult multipotent cells, which are taken from a patient’s own bone marrow, concentrated and then directly injected into the area of damage. Sachdev Orthopaedics currently offers two types of therapies:

  • Bone Marrow derived Orthobiologics treatments
  • Blood derived Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

The basis of these therapies, their uses and limitations, costs of treatments, results, testimonials and frequently asked questions are detailed under relevant sections.

Have Questions?

If you have a question, or if you are not sure if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy, send us a message using the form below. Alternatively, you can make an appointment by calling our office (610) 515-9994 and be evaluated to see if Orthobiologics treatment, PRP injections or more traditional treatments are the best choice for you. All information sent to us is kept confidential.

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